IATSE Local 98 - P.O. Box 266 - HERSHEY, PA 17033 - Phone:  717-991-4411

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Per President McGovern, effective 10/31/2018, Local 98 will no longer be accepting Transfers from other Locals, until such time a complete review of the transfer process has been completed and approved.

LOCAL 98 Membership Procedure:

"The number of new members admitted to membership per year into IATSE Local 98 will be the number determined annually by the Pathway Committee. To be considered for membership, prospective new members are required to have at least 10 years of work experience with IATSE Local 98 and must be in good standing. The term in "Good Standing" as used in the Local 98 Constitution and By-Laws, shall be construed to mean that the individual has fully complied with all his/her obligations to Local 98 not only financially but in all other regards."

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