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Dear IATSE Representatives,

IATSE Local 8 is investigating the wages and standards being paid to stagehands scheduled to work the Citadel Country Music Festival in Glenmoore Pa. August 24-26th. IATSE Local 8 has not secured a contract for this work. Meridian Entertainment Group has been hired by Impact Entertainment to provide stagehands for this event. IATSE Local 8 is asking for any of your members that are scheduled to work this event to contact Mike Barnes 215.880.3162. Local 8 Representatives will be at the jobsite to monitor all the activities. We appreciate your help in maintaining the standards we have set for concert work in Pennsylvania. Working together, we are all stronger.

Thank You,

Michael Barnes
IATSE Local 8 President

Our beloved Joe Garritano passed away yesterday. He was the best when it comes to humor, compassion and mission drive. He is and will always be missed.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Volunteers are being sought for the Local 98 HEALTHCARE/RETIREMENT Committee.

**NOTE**: If interested in becoming a member of the HEALTHCARE/RETIREMENT Committee please contact Chairman Shane Lower below at:


Fraternally, Ted Weimer, Secretary Local 98

Sisters and Brothers,

The International is hard at work planning our 125th Anniversary Celebration. You have already been so helpful in collecting materials for our social media campaign leading up to our anniversary this summer. Our digital archive is growing, and we’re looking for additional ways to highlight our members.

As part of the monthlong campaign International Communications is pulling together, we want to source stories from members old and new. We’re here to ask your members, what is your best or brightest memory from your years working in the union?

We have created this survey, asking for stories from the job, from political actions, and from community activism. Please share the link with your members, and ask them to contribute. We’re hoping to have some photos or other media to pair with them, to share these stories from the field in a personal, human context.

Click here for the story submission form.

The Communications Department will follow up with people who submit stories and with the officers of the local union they belong to before sharing the stories. We won’t publish anything without checking in with everyone involved.

Our history is important to us, as a commemoration, as a learning tool, and as something to share with the world at large. Your members stories are our history, and we are nothing without them. Thank you for your support continued support of our efforts, and I look forward to hearing your stories unfold.

In Solidarity,

Matthew Cain
Director, Communications Department

All I.A.T.S.E. members who intend to perform stage hand work in the jurisdiction of another local should first inform that local of their intent to do so by contacting the Business Agent of that local.

All I.A.T.S.E. members who intend to perform stage hand work in the jurisdiction of Local 98 should do the following:

1. Notify the Business Agent of your intent to perform stage hand work in the jurisdiction of Local 98 while including the location and date(s) of the event. This can be accomplished by calling: 717-991-4411

2. Report the earnings (with supporting documentation i.e. a copy of the pay stub reflecting the gross earnings). This can be accomplished by email to the following address: ialocal98@yahoo.com

Letter concerning the above announcement sent to members:

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Please update your emergency contact information on the Hershey Mypath website. The web address is www.mypath.hersheypa.com, make updates in the self service section of the website. Please contact Tim Staver or Chester Ross if You have questions accessing the site. They will do their best to help You gain access.


MYPATH Web Site:  www.mypath.hersheypa.com

Username: First 4 Letters of your LAST NAME followed by your employee number:
Example: John Smith, 80634……………. smit80634

Password: First, Middle and Last initial followed by your Date of Birth:

Example: John D. Smith, MMDDYY……………. jdm010180

Note: If you do not have a middle initial, just use your first and last initial. You will be prompted to change your password after your first sign-in.
If you discover you’re having difficulty, call the following number: 1-877-466-9728

Fraternally, Ted Weimer, Secretary Local 98

To contact your BA
Chester Ross Email... ialocal98@yahoo.com

To contact the Web Administrator
Cliff Unfried Email... cliff.unfried@comcast.net