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Good Morning,

This morning I will be sending out upcoming events. The only information I do NOT have, is the final information for the Governors Ball which is to take place within the Farm Show Complex. I do know that event will begin on Sunday the 13th of January and will Load OUT upon completion of the Ball Tuesday evening, 15 January.
In total there are 8 days of work at the Capital Building for the Inauguration Ceremony and 4 days of work at the Farm Show Complex for the Governors Ball.
Once I gain the final information on the Ball, I will send that Event out.

Chester R. M. Ross
Business Agent

The International assigned a Charter to Local 501 in July of this year. The jurisdiction of Local 501 encompasses the Rock Lititz Campus located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania (Map Enclosed). An audit of the payroll indicates members of Local 98 have worked on the Rock Lititz Campus under the contract between the International and Tri State Staging. We thank you and your membership for your support in establishing the IA at Rock Lititz.

Local 501 is accepting application for membership from members of your Local who have worked at the Rock Lititz campus in the past or may be interested in working in this jurisdiction in the future. Application and initiation fees are being waived for members of your Local until January 31, 2019

If you need applications, please contact me.

Completed Applications should be sent to:

International Vice President-in-charge Michael Barnes
2401 South Swanson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148


Michael Barnes
IATSE Vice President

Per President McGovern, effective 10/31/2018, Local 98 will no longer be accepting Transfers from other Locals, until such time a complete review of the transfer process has been completed and approved.

Sisters and Brothers,

The 2018 election is coming up soon, and we're working with our allies in the labor movement to elect pro-labor candidates in every corner of the country.

The AFL-CIO’s Labor 2018 campaign, an aggressive voter education effort leading up to the midterm elections, has kicked off across the country.

The IATSE is looking for release staff to support the AFL-CIO political campaigns in priority states.

Release staff become short-term employees of the IATSE and report to the AFL-CIO political program. IATSE members will participate in trainings, political actions like phone banks and canvassing, and recruit activists.

We're asking Local leadership to identify some members who are interested in working as release staff for the 2018 election cycle. Most release staff programs will start in September and run through November 7th.

If you or any of your members are interested in participating as release staff, Local leadership should recommend them to the IATSE Political/Legislative Department by emailing edinkelsmith@iatse.net. Positions are limited, and applications will be prioritized by timing and electoral needs. Please send names and contact information as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you have politically active members who would like to make a difference and help elect pro-union candidates in your area.

Thank you for your support.

In Solidarity,

Erika Dinkel-Smith
Director, Political/Legislative Department

Please note the new link to Membership Procedures in the "Employee Links" column.  Click Here too...

Sisters and Brothers —

There's no better way to close out the summer than by going to the state or county fair. In Canada, the biggest fair of all is the Canadian National Exhibition, a three-week celebration of Canadian culture, complete with rides, games, and musical performances. And, of course, fried food.

Unfortunately, this year’s CNE is under threat because Exhibition Place, the CNE's venue in Toronto, has locked out the skilled and talented workers of IATSE Local 58. Members of Local 58 have been setting up for events big and small at ExPlace for nearly a century. But the lockout means that local residents who want to work at the CNE can’t do their jobs.

The CNE opens this weekend, and at this point only Toronto Mayor John Tory can step in to help solve the dispute. We need support from IATSE members everywhere to show our solidarity. Please join us in urging Mayor Tory to end the lockout and to save the CNE and our jobs!

Sign our petition: Tell Mayor Tory to save the CNE and Local 58's jobs!

It’s been almost a month since ExPlace locked out the 400 members of Local 58 from their jobs on the grounds. In that time, they’ve brought in replacement workers from Quebec and the United States to do jobs that should be done by Torontonians. And these workers have been careless with safety on the job — even wearing flip-flops to unload trucks! — meaning that it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.

Local 58 has spent the last several weeks picketing outside ExPlace and at City Hall, and still the Board of Governors refuses to bargain in good faith. The picket lines will be out for the CNE, too, if this contract isn’t resolved, leaving people with the unenviable choice between skipping the Ex or crossing the Local’s picket line.

Mayor Tory has the power to save the CNE by forcing the Board of Governors back to the bargaining table before the CNE. It’s important that he use his powers to end the lockout and let Local 58 members get back to work.

Sign our petition to tell Mayor Tory: Save the CNE and Local 58's jobs.

In solidarity,

Justin Antheunis
President, IATSE Local 58

Our beloved Joe Garritano passed away yesterday. He was the best when it comes to humor, compassion and mission drive. He is and will always be missed.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Volunteers are being sought for the Local 98 HEALTHCARE/RETIREMENT Committee.

**NOTE**: If interested in becoming a member of the HEALTHCARE/RETIREMENT Committee please contact Chairman Shane Lower below at:


Fraternally, Ted Weimer, Secretary Local 98

All I.A.T.S.E. members who intend to perform stage hand work in the jurisdiction of another local should first inform that local of their intent to do so by contacting the Business Agent of that local.

All I.A.T.S.E. members who intend to perform stage hand work in the jurisdiction of Local 98 should do the following:

1. Notify the Business Agent of your intent to perform stage hand work in the jurisdiction of Local 98 while including the location and date(s) of the event. This can be accomplished by calling: 717-991-4411

2. Report the earnings (with supporting documentation i.e. a copy of the pay stub reflecting the gross earnings). This can be accomplished by email to the following address: ialocal98@yahoo.com

Letter concerning the above announcement sent to members:

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Please update your emergency contact information on the Hershey Mypath website. The web address is www.mypath.hersheypa.com, make updates in the self service section of the website. Please contact Tim Staver or Chester Ross if You have questions accessing the site. They will do their best to help You gain access.


MYPATH Web Site:  www.mypath.hersheypa.com

Username: First 4 Letters of your LAST NAME followed by your employee number:
Example: John Smith, 80634……………. smit80634

Password: First, Middle and Last initial followed by your Date of Birth:

Example: John D. Smith, MMDDYY……………. jdm010180

Note: If you do not have a middle initial, just use your first and last initial. You will be prompted to change your password after your first sign-in.
If you discover you’re having difficulty, call the following number: 1-877-466-9728

Fraternally, Ted Weimer, Secretary Local 98

To contact your BA
Chester Ross Email... ialocal98@yahoo.com

To contact the Web Administrator
Cliff Unfried Email... cliff.unfried@comcast.net