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Updated 01/20/2020
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Great American Outdoor Show Beyond the Footlights  
Venue: Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex
(Giant Exposition Hall)
Event: Great American Outdoor Show
(General Expo Services)
Date(s): 28, 30 & 31 January, 9 & 10 February 2020

Load IN: 08:00 AM
(Jan 28 31, 2020 Tuesday - Friday)

6 Certified Fork Truck Operators

NOTE: Hiring company will only allow experienced CERTIFIED Operators and requested Operators that worked with them in the past. The number has also dropped from 9 to 6.

Assembly location will be on the Loading Docks at the Giant Exposition Hall.

Pack/bring your own lunch and drinks. We have 30 minute on site meal breaks during this event.

Work days will go at least 8 Hours, probably longer. Operators must commit to all above and below dates.

This is a very operator intense and potentially dangerous job.

Load OUT: 4:00 PM (Sunday Feb. 9, 2020)

We will stay on the job as long as needed that day, and will return Monday 10 Feb. to complete the job.

Same number as IN!
Venue: Hershey Theater
Event: Beyond the Footlights
Date(s): January 24 and 25, 2020
(Friday & Saturday)
Truck(S): 0

Load IN: 09:00 AM (Fri Jan 24, 2020)

4 Heads
1 Brick Loader

Show Call: 7:00 PM (Sat Jan 25, 2020)
NOTE: ALL show workers must be in SHOW BLACKS

4 Heads

Load OUT: 10:00 PM (Sat Jan 25, 2020)

Same Hands as IN.

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